Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Barack Obama Wins Re-Election

I honestly never thought I'd be writing this particular blog, but here it goes: Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney last night and wins re-election.

As many of you know, I like to post immediately after an event or new story occurs, but last night, I was at a loss for words and in total shock that a president who has severely mismanaged the economy and hurt the United States abroad these past four years, could win another four years in office.

Mitt Romney is a good man who cares deeply about the United States. While I believe Mitt Romney came into his own during the month of October, especially after that first debate and it seemed as though he had the momentum and enthusiasm on his side, he still had challenges, partially with his own background and partially brought upon by his campaign team and the Republican machine. Looking at his past, he was perceived as more moderate. While Romney did move to the right, there are some who think it was forced. History tells us, time and again, that when the Republican candidate runs as a Consistent Conservative, they win, and when the Republican candidate runs as a moderate, they lose. Running as a Consistent Conservative would have also likely increased turnout in this election. On the campaign side, Republicans cannot be afraid to hit hard and show no fear. This was always the campaign's weak point and now it's looking like not challenging the president on Libya, among other things, was a mistake.

I want to put on a happy face say "everything is going to be alright and in four more years we elect a new president," but I don't believe that. We are going to go through some rough times in the United States between an increase in the defecit, higher taxes, continued high unemployment, a disitegration of the American health care system, challenges faced from those who hate us and a military that is still scratching their head over decisions made by their Commander-in-Chief. To make matters worse, the Republican Party is going to go through some very tough times as well, as there will be ramifications from losing an election that with basic common sense, seemed so winnable. From the ending of the Beltway Mentality to a more clear ability to articulate Conservatism, to a greater willingness to dig in their heals, fight and increase their resolve, they must go though a self-examination and make the necessary changes to be a relevant political party in the 21st century.

America may have re-elected Barack Obama, but unless he makes some big time changes in the way he executes the Office of the President, and to be clear, I don't see that happening anytime soon after an examination of the past four years, especially when Benghazi and Fast and Furious come to light, history will consider him the most ineffective and corrupt individual to ever have held that office.

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