Monday, October 22, 2012

The Final Debate Analysis

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama met in Boca Raton, FL for their final debate this evening, moderated by Bob Schieffer, focusing on foreign policy. Each candidate, in this debate, had strengths and weaknesses.

First, Mitt Romney. It is my belief that after the blowup in the second debate and his perceived aggressiveness, his advisers likely told him to "tone it down" this evening. He came off as more taciturn than in the previous two debates, which can be considered a weakness, and accept for the fact that he did not hit hard on Libya and did not tie in how Barack Obama supported George W. Bush's policies that allowed Seal Team Six to get to Usama Bin Laden, Romney had many strong points on foreign policy. From support of Israel, to an endorsement of Peace Through Strength, to a strong stance against Iran, a belief that a War on Terror exists and a belief in American Exceptionalism by hitting on Obama's apology tour, Mitt Romney gave a strong indictment on the foreign policy of Barack Obama. Most effectively in tonight's debate, Mitt Romney made the connection between the need for a strong economy and how it will help advance America, her foreign policy and her perception around the world; specifically, mentioning the debt issue, the China issue and the military funding that Obama would cut in his second term. Also important, Mitt Romney looked at the big picture and THAT came off as statesman-like, especially in his closing statement.

Now, Obama. He was more "alive" than the first, continued to debate back and jump in, but he was successful in staying with Romney. He also got saved by not having to delve into the Libya debacle. Barack Obama's biggest problem is his tone and body language - he came off as petulant, angry and condescending. Like it did in his first debate, like it with Biden and like it did with Gore in his 2000 Audible sigh debate, it won't be beneficial to him. Furthermore, when the president is fact-checked, he'll be proven an undoubted liar, along showing pure ignorance...over an hour since the debate ended, it's already starting! Also to hurt Obama, he did not speak of any big ideas in the second term and returned to tired, old attacks that have already been disproven.

Now that the debates are over and Americans make their way to the polls, it is my hope that they return to the fact that the economy is the most important factor to look at when making their decision as to who will lead this country for the next four years. It is my hope that Mitt Romney is their choice, he continues to articulate why Americans should choose him and have an effective Get Out the Vote effort in the big swing states. With 15 days left, we march onward to November 6th!

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