Monday, October 15, 2012

Will 47% Be Mentioned?

For the past two weeks since Obama's debate shellacking, we've been hearing many in the media questioning why Barack Obama did not use the 47% comments against Mitt Romney. They set it up for him, and as a result, they expected Obama to hit the softball out of the park two weeks ago.

It's abundantly clear to many why Obama did not allude to it. The night before the debate, a very incriminating tape featuring a past racially tinged, left-leaning Obama speech was released by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. There was the fear in the campaign that Mitt Romney would come back with that speech if the 47% comments were brought up, so plain and simple, that's why we did not hear it. In addition to that tape, Obama knows there are other items that Romney can bring up; using the president's own words against him.

Considering Barack Obama doesn't have a record on which to run and that there is nothing left in the Obama for America tank, we're likely to see 47% be rehashed. If Romney wants to continue on the trajectory to winning, he must meet this attack head on. In doing so, he should not apologize for it - whenever a politician apologizes for something, under pressure of the media, they create a bigger hole for themselves...just ask George Allen what happened when he apologized for this. Instead, he should first remind the president about what he thinks about Americans, especially those in the Midwest - bitter clingers. Remind Americans of his condescending, elitist opinions said to one audience when he wants another audience to believe something else. From there, he needs to go on offense and explain how a Mitt Romney presidency will put Americans back to work so they don't have to rely on Government, instead being able to wake up with a purpose and optimism to prove the president wrong. Checkmate!

Just over 24 hours until debate #2.

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