Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Preview of the Final Debate

As we enter the final 15 days in this campaign, the final debate of the season between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will occur tomorrow night in Boca Raton.

The supposed theme of this debate is foreign policy. With Barack Obama, look for him to remind Americans about how he killed Bin Laden, "ended the war in Iraq," and has promised a return date for the troops in Afghanistan. Americans can scratch their heads at all of these supposed achievements, but I have some advice for Mitt Romney in this final debate.
  • Focus on the military's strength: Do not allow this president to denigrate their service and usurp credit; especially when talking about how he killed Bin Laden
  • Call the president out on setting a date of withdrawal and explain why that is a bad thing to do
  • Remind Americans of peace through strength and explain how the president has not followed this plan
  • Libya: Make criticisms of Obama's handling of Libya clear and concise. Cite Pat Smith's comments to further support the argument.
  • Israel: Remind Americans how Obama has turned his back on our most important ally in the Middle East
  • Relate the need for a strong economy in American foreign policy
Mitt Romney will continue the consistency of being as well spoken and forceful as he was in the first and second debates, but must not allow himself to be interrupted the way he was in the second debate. Despite the belief of many, foreign policy is not Barack Obama's strong suit and Mitt Romney, if he plays his cards right, has the potential to make this president look even smaller than he did in the first debate. This debate's moderator, Bob Schieffer, has a similar style of Jim Leherer, so we won't have any Candy Crowley or Martha Raddatz like moments, where they need to use the debate to make a name for themselves.

Mitt Romney has the potential to continue his prosecution of the leadership of the past four years and when he steps up to the plate on Monday night, I hope he takes the opportunity to hit one out of the park so there's a better chance that on November 6th, the United States of America can be saved from the effects of the presidency of Barack Obama.

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