Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate #1: The Blame Game

Nearly 60 million watched and most of America knew that Barack Obama was trounced by Mitt Romney in his first debate.

As the left examines what happened, just as this president has done for the past four years, they now go to the blame game. So far, they've tried to pin it on the following:
  • Jim Lehrer: He's old, he didn't control the debate, he let Mitt Romney run wild
  • The Denver Altitude: Having to adjust to being 5280 ft above sea level for only five hours before debating caused him problems. Phony excuse, especially for someone who has previously been to Colorado.
  • Romney's character: Romney "lied" to win.
  • Romney's personality: Not even close to Al Gore in the first and third debate of 2000
  • Racism and the 2007 speech: Obama couldn't be the "angry black man" and that put him off his game.
Looking for the bogey man and the fall back is unproductive and destructive. It also turns off many Americans. Frankly, the president needs to man up and realize he lost this debate, didn't aptly prepare for it, has nothing on which to run, and had to protect his "glass house" on certain issues, most notably, the 47%. There is nobody to blame, but himself. It will be interesting to see where he will go in the coming weeks, as a result of falling flat on his face yesterday, but before we see Debate #2, we will see Paul Ryan debate Joe Biden; definitely an event to rival yesterday's debate.

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