Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kellyanne Conway and Optimism in the Presidential Election

Last night, I had the pleasure of meeting pollster/pundit, Kellyanne Conway, as she was a part of an election panel that I attended in New Jersey. I found one of the historical tie-ins she discussed to be rather interesting and also telling as we approach November 6.

Looking back since the election of 1968, Conway spoke of how every president, with the exception of Richard Nixon in 1972, that ran a forward-looking, optimistic campaign, won their respective elections. When you look at the ads, at the speeches, the debates and the messages, these campaigns did an excellent job at hitting that optimism home to the voters.

In 2012, we see the two campaigns clearly playing up their optimism and pessimism. Barack Obama may have run an uplifting campaign, in 2008, complete with lofty speeches and messages of unity, but in 2012, his campaign is a far cry. Whether body language in debates, rhetoric in debates, ads, and even use of profanity, he hasn't come close to his campaign slogan of "Forward." Mitt Romney, on the other hand, expresses optimism, forward-looking thinking and big ideas to unite America. This is just another reason why I believe we are seeing the future 45th president getting ready to win his first election on November 6th.

Kellyanne Conway proves, with this analysis, that after working in the political field for over twenty years, why she is one of the best!

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