Sunday, October 14, 2012

Looking Ahead: Debate #2

Republicans had two weeks of awesome coverage from Mitt Romney's debate domination of Barack Obama and also got some positive coverage from Paul Ryan's debate performance, in the face of Joe Biden's boorish behavior and Martha Raddatz's one-sided moderation.

As we begin the week in anticipation of Tuesday's town hall debate, Mitt Romney continues to be ahead in national polls. On Tuesday, he will face a different Barack Obama. This Obama may have some more fight, some more bitterness and some more nastiness; one can only hope he channels the debate personalities Joe Biden and Al Gore. If that is the case, Mitt Romney must not yield any ground, must not allow the president or the moderator to interrupt him, must use the president's own words against him, and must stay on offense. In dealing with the president, he must repeat his first debate performance, while plussing it. Because this is a town hall debate, Romney must keep a guard up for plants and must deal with them accordingly, while not turning off voters. He cannot give them the Chris Christie treatment, but he cannot fully accept a false premise. What should also be noted about this debate is how the television ratings will be. For the first debate, 70 million people watched. It fell off for the Vice-Presidential debate, either because decisions have been made or Americans do not view that debate as significant. If ratings fall off from the first one, that means more decisions have been made, yet that should not be an excuse for Mitt Romney to change his game plan from the first debate.

Things are looking good, but there are 23 days remaining and it's imperative for the "Mitt"mentum to continue so the United States of America will have a chance of salvation after these past four years America has endured under Barack Obama.

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