Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Act of Journalism by Lara Logan

CBS, the (former) home of Dan Rather, the home of the Killian Documents fraud, a member of the "mainstream media" practiced a random act of journalism a couple of weeks ago. Foreign correspondent, Lara Logan, did a very telling story on Afghanistan, which aired on the September 30th edition of 60 Minutes.

Logan's piece tells a different story that the White House tells; going against the narrative Obama and the White House try to spin. General Allen and Hamid Karzai speak of a rise in attacks on the US troops, a rise in strength of the Taliban and problems that can end the gains the US Military has fought so hard to make.

Remember who Lara Logan is - she was the journalist who was gang raped in Egypt by the "peace-loving protesters" (so called by the president), is still haunted by that moment and knows the truth - no matter how much Barack Obama claims his unique position and background can make the Arab world love America, enemies in the Arab world still hate America and in 2012, they hate America even more. Since this story aired on 60 Minutes, Lara Logan has continued to speak of its themes to various audiences, especially those that tend to be friendly to the president.

This excellently done piece, which should earn Logan a Pulitzer Prize, has the potential to be very damaging to the president, and if it gets out enough, will cause many Americans to give a look to Mitt Romney and his foreign policy initiatives that are clearly superior to those of Barack Obama.

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