Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stacking the Deck Against Paul Ryan Won't Help

Tomorrow night will be the Vice-Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Considering Biden's penchant for gaffes, hypocrisy and stretching the truth, as well as examining how Sarah Palin trounced him four years ago, it is clear that they are working to stack the deck against Paul Ryan and the Republicans.

It is no accident that Martha Raddatz is the debate moderator. She is the ABC News Foreign Correspondent and as Biden "claims" to be a foreign policy expert, Paul Ryan has been a Congressman with more of a focus on domestic policy and economic issues. With the known background of experience, there is the belief of a greater chance they can 'stump' the Wisconsin Congressman. Furthermore, by putting a woman in as moderator, the Dems think they can threaten Paul Ryan to more readily yield to her out of fear of being called sexist. And breaking today, Raddatz and Obama apparently go way back as they are both Harvard graduates and he attended her first wedding in the early 1990s. Just as Gwen Ifill's impartiality was questioned four years ago, the impartiality of Martha Raddatz can clearly be questioned. As Democrats see Paul Ryan as big a threat, if not a bigger threat than Sarah Palin was in 2008, they need to take every opportunity to stack the deck against him and the Republicans, even though Biden is going off the grid for six days to cram.

The fact is no matter how many shenanigans they attempt, it won't matter as Paul Ryan will clearly rise above it. Paul Ryan not only knows the economic figures of the president, but he has lived them and tried to fight them in his years in Congress. He is not a wallflower and is willing to go toe-to-toe with those who may oppose or attack to defend Conservatism.(lest we forget the Health Care Summit and the Obama stare of ire) Yet in this toe-to-toe, Ryan can expertly hold a positive demeanor while clearly articulating complicated economic figures to a layman and making clear comparisons between Republicans and Democrats. With his style, he has eviscerated many a political opponent and Joe Biden is simply next in line.

Look for Biden to be more animated, more in-your-face and a little nastier. I am confident that Paul Ryan will be on and above his game, giving the media no wiggle room to claim Biden won; just as occurred last week in Obama's first debate against Mitt Romney. We have another example of "must see tv" in this next debate.

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