Friday, October 5, 2012

October Surprise #1: The Jobs Report

Because Barack Obama can't debate and present an agenda for the next four years, he has to relate to attacks and gimmickry. Part of the gimmickry, and I've warned about it before, is the October Surprise. On October 5th, we have the first October surprise: The September Jobs Report.

Miraculously, the jobs report comes up with a U-3 rate of 7.8% (U-6 14.7%) with only 144,000 jobs created. We have to ask how this is happening, because it's clearly fuzzy math at hand; a cooking of the books and conveniently leaving out the fact that the labor participation rate is at its lowest in years.

Americans must be able to see through the fog and the president's spiking the football on this phony achievement. (To begin with, what the heck has he achieved in these past four years?)

I don't accept these numbers as fact, but if they were, the president and this administration would further dig the ditch of lies deeper. If we do accept the premise, we must ask ourselves, before going to the polls on November 6th: Why were these unemployment figures so high for so long? Does America deserve this? A proper response to both questions should overwhelmingly prompt Americans to pull the lever for Mitt Romney on that day next month.

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