Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unsolicited Advice to Mitt Romney's Campaign

Personally, I think Mitt Romney did an excellent job at the debates and while he closed the deal for a lot of Americans, there are many out there who may still be undecided. With 13 days to go, there are four things he can do to add a couple of touchdowns to his vote tally on November 6.

1. Air a long form ad: Mitt Romney has a cash advantage and in the final weeks, has been buying up airtime in the swing states. As we enter the final two weeks, he needs to continue this, but air a longer ad, similar to what Barack Obama did in 2008 with his 30 minute infomercial on October 29, 2008. Mitt's may not have to be that long, but it would be a great idea to air one. It can be newly produced, or it can be the RNC bio film that did not air in prime time. Here is that 10 minute film (pass this on to your undecided friends):

2. Consider entering into other states: Both campaigns have been focusing on Ohio (which is leaning red) but with Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia and Colorado seeming to be locked up by Mitt Romney, he should force the president into other states like Pennsylvania and focus more on Nevada, Wisconsin and Iowa. Make the president spread himself thin and force OFA to spend money.

3. It's the economy (and we're not stupid): Mitt Romney was incredibly strong last night on the economy, and has been in each and every debate. He must continue to articulate how Barack Obama has failed the American people, how he will improve the American economy and get Americans back to work! With the October Labor figures coming out the Friday before the election, combined with the ways this administration has tried to cook the books, this is a very easy task.

4. Get Out the Vote: Get the voters to the polls, by any means necessary! Republicans have been catching up to Democrats in this area and while early voting helps (still not a fan of it, as it invites corruption), volunteers and folks from the campaigns MUST reach out to make sure these citizens have exercised their right, as every vote will count on November 6th!

We have two weeks to go. On this day, I believe Mitt Romney gets a minimum of 261 Electoral Votes, taking back Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, New Hampshire, Virginia and Colorado. He needs 270 to be #45 and on this day, I believe like I haven't at any point in this campaign, that he gets there. A combination of the campaign taking my advice and our hard work on the grassroots level will get him past the finish line and in Washington DC on January 20th!

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