Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Front Coming: Sandy Bears Down on the Northeast

We've been hearing about it the past week, but it looks like Hurricane Sandy will hit land on the Jersey Shore sometime this evening, somewhere between Atlantic City and Asbury Park. The storm surge is already being felt in New Jersey and all the way up toward New York City!

The picture above was taken, likely by someone at the Ocean Place Hotel in Long Branch, and shows the Atlantic Ocean churning its way toward the Long Branch Promenade, a result of the surge. At nearly 2:30, the wind is kicking up and the rain is coming down heavier. By my experience and the pictures I've been seeing, this looks to be a lot worse than Hurricane Irene. Governor Christie, in the common sense style for which is is known, has taken early precautions and as the day goes on, more transportation options will be cut off. (Garden State Parkway to be closed south of Exit 129, Holland Tunnel to be closed, NJ Transit has already stopped service.) It is my hope that those under evacuation orders sought higher ground.

Good luck, God Bless and stay safe if you are impacted by this storm.

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