Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fact Checking Obama on the Military

Last night, Barack Obama said the following, in a mocking manner, to Mitt Romney.

At the same time, he also showed America he doesn't know what the heck he was talking about. As a result of a Tweet by a Marine, who disputed the president's claim of bayonet use, I thought back to my last trip to Washington DC and my visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. Pictured above is one of the tomb guards and that sharp, pointy thing on his M-1 Garand is a bayonet!

A friend then brought this article to my attention that explains how the bayonet, while not as relied upon in battle as it once was, is still a necessary teaching tool. It helps soldiers understand what to do in case of obstacles or equipment failures. Furthermore, it improves their overall fitness in battle. Apparently, the president didn't know this or that the Marines have a website explaining the bayonet's use in battle today.

Also, the president did not know that the US Military still uses horses in battle. Because of the rocky terrain, they have been used in Afghanistan. It's also interesting to see the amount of training and knowledge it requires for soldiers to properly use them. The Afghanistan horse soldiers have also been memorialized in New York City. Either the Commander in Chief did not know this, or he selectively edited so he can attack Mitt Romney for his accurate claims about Obama's plan for a reduction in size of the military.

Forget now that the presidents' plan for the military, in his second term, puts America in grave danger, his commentary last night, at times in elected office and in media moments, prove that he is ignorant of the military and that thinking is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous. I pray for those who serve this nation by wearing the uniform, always, but my concern for them will be raised tenfold, if this president is re-elected on November 6th.

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