Thursday, October 4, 2012

Debate #1 Done, Romney Won

All I have to say watching this is JUST WOW! The first presidential debate took place this evening in Denver, CO, and after watching it, this was a clear win by Mitt Romney. I am confident that most Americans believe this!

Mitt Romney came out strong, not ceding any lie, misstatement or accusation the president threw his way and was able to transition that defense to offense. He showed confidence, strength and a clear knowledge of the issues. Also, Romney was able to transition from strength to compassion, citing those who he has met on the campaign trail, while not doing it in such a phony and in your face manner as Al Gore did in 2000. Furthermore, he did not allow Jim Lehrer to step on him or his statements.

The supposed smartest president we've ever had, came up flat, unprepared and ignorant to the issues. Obama tried to mark time and bloviate by giving onerous details, which will go over most Americans' heads. There were times I felt glassy-eyed when listening to him drone on. The president displayed a dismal body language and this was evidenced when it went to split-screen and the dismissive sneer came about. While not as bad as Al Gore's sighs in 2000, Americans will be turned off by the sneer. Furthermore, Barack Obama did not make eye contact with Romney, did not show confidence and was unable to defend his "record." This president has never been challenged like he was tonight by any public figure, since Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Primary, and it clearly showed.

Tonight, Mitt Romney needed to emulate Ronald Reagan more so than John McCain and he clearly achieved this! Americans showed enthusiasm to his responses and as as result, Mitt Romney will gain a momentum; both in donations and campaign morale. It is very likely he can receive a jump in the polls. This is clearly not over, as I believe Obama's campaign to fight dirty in the coming out for an October Surprise, or two, or three. Mitt Romney must match and surpass the momentum in his next two debates...onward to November 6th!

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