Friday, November 23, 2012

Allen West Concedes Race

Freshman Florida Congressman, the retired Lt-Col Allen West, after two weeks in election limbo, has decided to concede to newly elected Congressman Patrick Murphy.

After the votes were initially counted, voting irregularities, specifically in St. Lucie County, a new county for West in his district, were discovered; prompting West to call for a recount. The ability to perform the partial recount of early votes in St. Lucie County was granted, however, the county missed their deadline. In order to avoid a costly and arduous contesting of the election, West has decided to end his campaign.

The defeat of Allen West came as a surprise to me, especially after this ad, and is not only a great loss for Congress, but for the United States. This man personifies strong leadership and the ability to lead with no fear, calling them out and not backing down. He was a clear and apparent threat to the left and the rules they write for how Republicans should behave were clearly not followed in their treatment of West. After putting a target on his back, his enemies may have won the battle, but the story is not yet written on if they won the war.

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