Friday, November 9, 2012

The David Petraeus Resignation: A Theory

Big news out of Washington DC today - retired General David Petraeus, Director of the CIA since April 2011, has resigned his post, citing an extra-marital affair. Considering the track record and behavior of past politicians in Washington and the ability to stay in their jobs, this whole thing seems rather fishy to me.

First off, I believe David Petraeus to be a man of honor who loves his country, has served it well and always played the role of 'good soldier.'

Taking that honor and applying it to his CIA position, I am sure that Petraeus knows things about Benghazi, which could very well be detrimental to the president. Soon enough, he will testify, under oath, to Congress, and it's very likely those things he knows about it will come out; even if this testimony is given behind closed doors. And even if he is a private citizen, which he is now, he could still be subpoenaed to testify under oath. As we have seen in the campaign and throughout his political career, Obama and his people aren't afraid to go the Chicago Way, to get rough when needed and there very well could have been an exchange between Petraeus and those close to Obama that went something like this: "Spill the beans on Benghazi and we spill the beans on your extra-curricular activity." Petraeus divulging the affair takes a big weapon away from Obama, gives him an opportunity to mea culpa in front of the American people, and when his testimony comes out, emphasizes its legitimacy as nobody can drop this to delegitamize him, considering the information is already known.

Friends have asked me why Petraeus didn't say anything before the election and I have speculated about the following:
  • He's a 'Good Soldier' and didn't want to go against his boss while he's still working for him.
  • He was told by the Romney campaign and/or the RNC to not say anything to draw connections to them and/or be perceived as a racist. I make this claim, due to the Romney Campaign holding back on "Obamaphone" and "Where's Your Dollar."
  • He didn't want the affair divulged by the Obama Administration if any Benghazi information came out prior to the election
  • He didn't want to be dragged through the mud by the media when they call him a disloyal racist.
I could be way offbase here, but because of the track record of this administration, I come to this conclusion. Even with the most transparent secretive administration in history, I hope Americans eventually find out the truth behind Petraeus and most importantly, Benghazi.

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