Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallows Eve

Whether you are going to a party dressed up as your favorite superhero, politician or creepy character, whether you're doing some last minute canvassing for your favorite politician up for election in 2 days, whether you're spending time outside amid the beautiful fall foliage or whether you're sitting in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, "The 'Right' Solutions" wishes all its readers a Happy Halloween!

Have fun and be safe in whatever you're doing today....2 more days to the Election!!!

The 9-11 Generation-Influencing the Millennials in Avoiding the Mistakes of the Greatest Generation

As I wrote The Calling to Lead and completed my research and planning for the novel, I intensely examined the various American generations, along with generational relations, and their effects on the United States; considering the fact that a generation's rise and transitions is one of the main components of the storyline. In chatting with a close family friend this weekend, we were talking about this subject matter and comparing the Greatest Generation to my Generation, Gen-X, the soon to be 9-11 Generation. As I have stated many times, Generation X will eventually transform into the 9-11 Generation and has the potential to be as great if not greater than the Greatest Generation. In The Calling to Lead, Michael Buonocore represents that Gen-Xer who will transform his generation into the 9-11 Generation and become its leader.

In looking back, the Greatest Generation had two very strong challenges to overcome in The Great Depression and World War II. From our study of The Great Depression, we all know what happened there, how there were no jobs, families were starving, etc, and this continued on right up until we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, bringing us into World War II. Once the war started, the men went to Europe and to the Pacific to fight and defend our nation against the spread of Nazism, Fascism and Totalitarianism. Women had the added responsibilities of keeping the economy going while still tending to their families. After four long years, The Greatest Generation pushed back the evils of the world, then came home to further build this economy and raise their families so they could espouse to their children the greatness and exceptionalism of the United States.

The story is still being written for Generation X/The 9-11 Generation, but again, as I earlier stated, terrorists attacking the United States on her soil shocked my generation into reality that the United States can no longer consider herself safe because we have two oceans on either side of our coast. That attack on that day showed terrorists have the power, if we let them, to bring our country to a halt and we must not allow that to happen. We began to walk with an overall awareness on our city streets, similar to what had been done in London, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Paris for years. In the response to 9-11, some in my generation followed the footsteps of the men of the Greatest Generation and enlisted in the military to stop the terrorists where they live. Others contributed in different ways where they pursued careers where they gave of themselves to others, served the nation or prepared the next generation. This is the primary reason that I became an educator. The younger generations must learn where they came from so they can contribute to where the United States will go when they become leaders.

In this conversation with my family friend, who by the way is a member of the Greatest Generation, the point on which we both agreed was that the while the Greatest Generation had all good intention in raising their children, who became the Baby Boom Generation, wishing to protect them from the horrors their generation had to face, whether providing for them, over-sheltering them, etc., many in that generation accepted these parental protections as the cultural norm and as they became of age, began to influence their leaders into providing this extra protection, and as leaders themselves, would eventually provide this protection, in the form of governmental influence and various governmental programs.

In 2010, we are seeing the Baby Boomers' vision of an overtly strong and influential central government grind the United States to a screeching halt. Taxes have risen (and will rise) to run this expanded government and we are now seeing the effects: high unemployment, stifling regulation and the building of a reliance to depend on the government. As a result, we are facing similar economic challenges that the Greatest Generation felt. Having had enough and wanting to take another path, many in Gen-X/The 9-11 Generation have begun to stand up and to advocate for that rugged individualism and self-determination that has guided and shaped the Greatest Generation and generations that preceded them.

Again, the story for the Gen-Xers/The 9-11 Generation is sBoldtill being written. This story can be written when we build upon the Greatest Generation, by properly influencing and mentoring the Millennials. Gen-Xers/The 9-11 Generation must teach them the following:

1. The United States of America is the greatest country God has given man. Our forefathers put in place a system where self determination, self reliance and independence is the way of life. We must teach them to fully rely on themselves, whether imparting to them the proper thinking or problem solving skills, and we must teach by example! The Millennials must understand our history so they can carry it on when they become leaders, just as the previous generations did. We must get them involved in reading the news, listening to the news and even having a positive impact on the news. This will preserve the United States.

2. Technology should be used effectively and responsibly. This includes facebook, smartphones, cameras, computers and the Internet. Effective use is defind as reaching them directly through its use. We must be able to speak their language in a similar fashion a teacher must speak in their students' language. In teaching its responsible use, we must make them learn that there's a lot of ugly out there and as a result, we must impart to them their proper uses. Furthermore, they must know how technology can be used against them, which reminds me of a previous post where I said to think before you post. And they should know that as they gain knowledge, they have the power to progress what had already been invented.

3. Building on my first item, we must teach the Millennials that they must rely on themselves to survive. By doing everything for them and not allowing them to learn for themselves, we create a subservient collectivist society. They will take this and believe that all Americans need to do is live and the government will take care of everything. This is the most significant error of the Greatest Generation and the 9-11 Generation must not repeat that mistake. Creating self reliant individuals will allow for a government to be put in power that allows for more independence and self-determination.

4. We must teach the Millennials that without a safe and functioning United States, we, as a nation, cannot survive. September 11, 2001 teaches us that all the terrorists need are one shot. We must take every measure possible to not allow them that shot. Every other issue is moot. This action alone preserves, protects and defends the United States, allowing her to progress and prosper.

When the Millennials and Gen-Xers/9-11 Generation are on the same page, the United States will prosper and my generation needs to take an active role in this endeavor so that success is achieved.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Reminder of the Most Important Issue

The Friday before the Midterm Election, news broke about a terrorist threat stemming from packages mailed from Yemen to selected targets in Chicago. The British intercepted these packages before they came over to the states to do their intended damage. Apparently, the same organization that sent the "Hanes Bomber" (my favorite nickname for this terrorist is still Rush's moniker, the "Fruit-of-Kaboom" bomber) has their hands on this attempt. This is the second foiled terrorist plot of the week, the first being the attempted bombings of Blue and Orange Line Washington Metro Stations in Arlington.

The fact that the terrorists are falling through the cracks, as we have seen in the past year due to Fort Hood, the Hanes Bomber, the Times Square Bomber and now these attempts tells me two things.

First, our enemies are still plotting against us. Even though our president tells us that we need to change our ways and end the practice of 'Bush Cowboy Diplomacy' so the world likes us better, our enemies still hate us. They see this change and while they are laughing, they are plotting, just like the bears and the wolves. Second, I think the policy of the Bush Administration in prosecuting the War on Terror has been successful; not perfect, but successful. The Obama Administration would be wise to use it as their blueprint. Think about it; we were not attacked after September 11. There were attempts, but I repeat, WE WERE NOT ATTACKED! Since January 2009, we've had one attack and three very close calls. It is the government's duty to keep us safe and to do that, they must successfully prosecute the War on Terror and use every weapon and opportunity necessary, whether securing the border, fully supporting the military or taking a lesson from El Al in how they protect their customers, to defeat our enemies.

To sum it up, when we vote, we must first ask the question, "What is the government doing to keep us safe?" In the practice of and response to Hope and Change, we must not forget about our National Security, as it should always be issue #1! Just one terrorist plot slipping by could have serious ramifications on our society, as well as impact how we do business and how we live our daily lives. If we are not safe and secure, every other issue, whether one espoused by the TEA Party or by the American left, will be moot. Having lived though 9-11, I think about this every time I go to the polls and it will surely impact my vote on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Down to the Wire Desperation

As we approach the final five days before Election Day, it started out as a quiet day with talk of George W. Bush's new book, Decision Points, to come out on November 9, and Jon Stewart's interview of the President.

The Internet this evening was abound with a couple of blockbuster stories that were broken on this date to impact the election, just like the Bush 1976 DWI Arrest broke the weekend before the Election of 2000.

First, out of Florida. Florida is not a stranger to election irregularities, but news broke that Democrat Senate nominee Kendrick Meek was pushed by Bill Clinton to quit the race. Florida is a state with early voting, and it remains to be seen how this may have impacted the race, considering that nearly 2 million Floridians have already voted. This is very unfortunate on two fronts. First, it makes me wonder if we might have had another Sestak Controversy in the making. Second, it sickens me that Democrats are abandoning their own principles and are backing the ultimate chameleon politician in Charlie Crist because they fear Marco Rubio could be presidential material in the coming years. That abandonment should be troubling to any voter.

Up the east coast in Delaware, a disgusting smear (WARNING: Content may not be appropriate for all ages) broke tonight about Christine O'Donnell that is, not only the ultimate cheap shot, but in reality, a big nothing! Michelle Malkin wrote about Gawker's history of smearing Conservative women to show how they are not new at this. Delaware voters should know this history. Because this is a smear on a Republican woman, NOW did not take a direct stand against it, showing their double standard they clearly showed in incident where Jerry Brown or someone on his campaign referred to Meg Whitman as a whore. This attack on O'Donnell will backfire and leave a bad taste in the mouth of many voters, especially since Chris Coons is on the run and has cancelled his remaining debates with O'Donnell. As I said earlier, with this smear and the Obama-Biden visit to a supposedly safe Democrat state, this race is much closer than the polls state!

With five days to go and many politicians hanging on for dear life, the acts of desperation could very well be like nothing we've ever seen before!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Marco Rubio: A Rising Star

Florida Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio just released the following, what I like to call, "closing argument" ad:

After viewing this ad, it is this ad, I believe that now holds the title of being the best ad of the 2010 campaign season. The ad is positive and optimistic in nature, speaking of America's greatness and exceptionalism, how Marco Rubio and his family achieved success as a result of America's greatness and exceptionalism. He then speaks about the differences between this greatness and the path this country is heading under the Obama agenda; a path very similar to his parents' birth country of Cuba. He clearly compares the two.

Most importantly, he states the following quote:

"Every American generation confronted the great challenges of their time and because they did, we live the life we do today."
In the past, I have spoken much about generations stepping up to lead, specifically my generation, Generation X, which I believe will eventually transform into the 9-11 Generation, who will step up to confront the challenges currently facing America, and as a result, make America a better place. Marco Rubio's ad closely aligns with many ideas I have expressed not only in this blog, but in The Calling to Lead, and it is this reason, I believe Marco Rubio to be one to watch in the coming years. He has overcome a challenge from an angry, dishonest former Republican in Charlie Crist and Floridians see Rubio as the real deal! I also predict he will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa and will be a rising star in the Republican Party.

Get Well Soon, Carly

Yesterday, Republican candidate for the US Senate and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina was hospitalized due to an infection from the reconstructive surgery she underwent due to Breast Cancer. Apparently, this is a common side effect.

In this campaign, her time as CEO of HP and how she faced her battle with Breast Cancer, I believe Ms. Fiorina is a fighter and with antibiotics, she'll be back on the campaign trail likely today.

"The 'Right' Solutions" wishes her a speedy recovery and Godspeed in this final week as she travels across the state of California and articulates why voters should send her to Washington to represent them and retire Barbara Boxer. A hat tip, also, to Barbara Boxer and her campaign for their well wishes to Carly.

UPDATE, 10/27/10: Carly Fiorina was released from the hospital today and will return to the campaign trail tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Shenanigans and Much Nastiness, with One Week Remaining

We have one week until we, as Americans, make our voices heard at the ballot box in the Midterm Election; one of the most important elections of our times that will determine not only the path of the next two years, but well after that.

Today, Nevada makes the national spotlight. Early voting has already begun and voters across the state, especially in Clark County (location of Las Vegas and the majority of Nevada's population) are reporting irregularities. Could this be the first sign of electoral shenanigans? This week, Sharron Angle released an effective ad on Harry Reid's position on illegal immigration. Those in the MSM were outraged, including Joy Behar of The View, who expressed her outrage on today's show:

In the end, Joy Behar's comments will mean nothing to Nevada voters, but after examining the ramification's of Oprah's support of Obama, what will be the long term ramifications for Ms. Behar and The View?

In Connecticut, Democrat Senate candidate Richard "I served in Vietnam" Blumenthal invited Mike Benoit, the father of the late Chris Beniot, to Connecticut to speak on his son's death and how Linda McMahon, in her position as the CEO of WWE allowed it to happen. Furthermore, Mike Benoit claims she is running to protect the WWE from regulation and examination. Here is news report with clips of Benoit's comments:

Blumenthal is ahead in the polls, which doesn't make sense to me when you consider his character issues, as well as his lack of knowledge on how to create a job. Assuming he is far ahead in the polls, he would not have needed to do this and this act of running up the score, so to say, could backfire because no evidence on McMahon's role has been determined. Which brings me to the conclusion that my questions on his character are valid, or this race is a lot closer than the polls are stating. This action is nothing more than a cheap shot.

Developing into one of the nastiest races of the Senate in the state of Kentucky, Democrat Jack Conway's attack on Republican Dr. Rand Paul has not taken off. Paul answered back and did end up attending the final debate, but an altercation among supporters took place when a left wing activist attempted to hand Paul an object. His supporters physically prevented that action from happening and the video was caught on camera. I'll admit it, that scene was ugly and Paul's campaign was right to disavow the supporter and the act of aggression. That being said, I wonder what would have happened with the Secret Service if that same person approached the President of the United States with a foreign, unexamined object?

Illinois has history with voter fraud, where in 1960, the dead who voted in Cook County (Chicago) helped put the state in John F. Kennedy's column, as well as questionable practices downstate. Earlier this cycle, there were issues with our brave men and women in the military receiving their ballots, today, news with "problems" with vote by mail are being week before the election. Note, there is a very close Senate election between Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias. Coincidence?

I will be watching very closely and I ask my fellow voters to watch very closely, especially when you vote. Examine your ballots, watch what is going on at your polling place and report any irregularities IMMEDIATELY. But if you get out and vote, and do it in droves, it will lessen the opportunity for the shenanigans the other side may pull to work, further allowing your voice to be heard in Washington.

UPDATE-10/27/10: Sharron Angle has a priceless response to Joy Behar. Angle has a great sense of humor on this one, for sure...better than Joy Behar.

Is Sink Sunk?

It turns out the Florida Gubernatorial Race is a lot closer than it should be. Hopefully, voters see what recently happened and make sure this race breaks away from its closeness. Apparently, in a debate on Monday between Democrat Alex Sink and Republican Rick Scott, aired on CNN, an aide to Sink passed notes to the Democrat, via an iPhone, that included talking points she can use to counter Scott. The video below captured the incident. (starting at 00:24, the staffer clearly shows Sink the information on the iPhone.)

In the real world, cheating could have wide ranging ramifications. Plagiarism could lead to expulsion, banishment and civil lawsuits, cheating on an exam in college could lead to expulsion from the respective university, lying on a resume can lead to termination from the respective job and cheating on a graduate school entrance exam could not only lead to banishment from even being accepted to a graduate program, but it could lead to jail time!

The rules were planned and agreed upon ahead of time and Sink was caught red handed changing the rules in the middle of the game as it suited her. This race is much closer than it should be and I hope Florida voters see Sink's questionable character traits and how they came out in this debate. Character does matter and one needs to expand their scope, as voters much ask themselves, as a result of this incident, how Sink will carry herself in the Office of the Governor; whether she will make sure Florida's taxes stay low to create jobs and attract new residents, whether or not this less than honest behavior will be practiced on a larger scale in Tallahassee and what role her character may have in facilitating an honest and fair re-districting of Florida; which will definitely play a role in the 2012 elections.

With one week to go and early voting having already begun, I hope Florida voters take a look at this great character rift by Alex Sink and ask themselves whether or not they want to elect a leader who will lie, cheat and change the rules, as long as it favors them. Will this continue on a larger scale?

The Hunt: It's a Jersey Thing

In Northern New Jersey, last Saturday was a very special day and that was the running of the Far Hills Races. Celebrating its 90th year, the Far Hills Races, known locally as "The Hunt," because of its early history as a fox hunt, takes place every October on Moorland Farms in Far Hills, New Jersey, in the beautiful Somerset Hills. Because of its convenient location in New Jersey off I-287, easy access to New York City via train and its historical tradition, nearly 50,000 people come out for the steeplechase horse race. While the races are an attraction, it's also the parties that attract people to Moorland Farms. They set up tailgate parties/picnics on the grounds, and some of these parties, especially the corporate affairs in the hilltop tents, are quite the sight to see. It's a great tradition and a nice day to catch up with family and friends, as well as participate in reunions. And in the end, proceeds from the races are donated to the Somerset Medical Center, specifically, the Steeplechase Cancer Center.

If you find yourself in New Jersey in late October, I highly recommend attending the Far Hills Races at least once. It's definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Friday Election Fun

Since September 11, 2001, once Democrat filmmaker David Zucker has consistently voted Republican. We know Zucker as the creator and director of classic spoof films like Airplane!, The Naked Gun and his "post-political conversion" film, An American Carol. In the past, he has opined on politics through his art, and today, he does it again, spoofing Barbara Boxer's "call me ma'am" incident.

While of course being quite funny, it brings attention to the nastiness and elitism shown by Barbara Boxer during her nearly 18 years in the Senate.

Let's hope California thinks it's time for a change, as they have a good alternative to Barbara Boxer in electing Carly Fiorina to the Senate.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Thought Police and the $2 Million Man

Trying to sneak this one by in the middle of the night totally blew up in their faces today! Last night about 11PM, it broke that National Public Radio (aka National Propagandist Radio, aka National Progressive Radio) fired Juan Williams, who regularly appears on the Fox News Channel because he made the following comments.

I have watched Juan Williams on Fox News for many years and yes, he is liberal, yes I disagree with much of what he says, but he fairly articulates his viewpoints and is intellectually honest. Two such examples are in his standing up for Justice Clarence Thomas during his confirmation, as well as Rush Limbaugh in his observation of the Democrat double standard on race. Also he wrote an excellent book titled Enough (shortened title). As a result, I respect him and would definitely sit down with him to have a Sam Adams while respectfully debating the issues. He is a good, fair journalist and to treat him in this degrading manner is disgusting!

I see nothing wrong with Williams's statement. It is not bigoted, he is thinking in a post-9/11 frame of mind. When flying, the most important thing one can do on the flight, so it is enjoyable, is to feel safe. Back in the 1970s before Con-Air got off the ground (pardon the pun), US Marshalls used to escort convicts in handcuffs and leg irons on a commerical jet. That would have freaked me out and yes, I would be concerned for my safety. In a post-9/11 world, people are more cognizant of the world and events around them, which is why individuals examine their immediate surroundings. I do this where ever I am, whether on a plane, on a city street or in the mall. On a plane, in a closed space where one does not have control over the movement and operation of the device, personal comfort and safety is imperative to achieving sanity and a good sense of personal mind for the duration of the flight. Therefore, the way someone is dressed can raise red flags. Garbs that Islamic individuals wear cover up the body and have may have the intention of hiding something, the same way wearing a heavy or long coat on the plane covers up the body, which would also cause me to raise a red flag to think that individual is hiding something. This examination is done on a larger scale in Israel and I could only imagine how the "thought police" would react to their society.

I repeat, Juan Williams DID NOT make a bigoted statement, especially when compared to what Nina Totenberg said years ago, who was not held to account for it. And a tip of the cap to the Fox News Channel for not only standing behind Juan Williams, but for giving him a significant pay raise in his new 3 year, $2 million contract.

Looking at the bigger picture, this incident is a clear assault on First Amendment rights. Williams touches on this in a column he wrote about the incident. If you don't tow the line, say what those running the show believe, you're toast. I have seen this in education, whereas a teacher who was showing negative campaign ads from both sides of the aisle for students to analyze, showed the first Swift Vets ad against John Kerry. That teacher was "talked to" even though she did nothing wrong. What she saw as educating students and allowing them to see all sides of the issue, her supervisor saw as unacceptable to introduce to the students, a clear violation of not only the First Amendment, but academic freedom. My First Amendment right allows me to teach my students to think critically and without the First Amendment, I could not have been able to write (and in the long term, have published and promote) The Calling to Lead. This 1984-like action sends chills down my spine and it should send chills down the spine of all Americans.

Thankfully, some politicians are speaking out and calling for the defunding of NPR. NPR jumped off the cliff on this one and their act of censorship and infringement of Juan Williams's First Amendment Rights may lead to their demise. In the years to come, these defunding calls may become a reality that should have happened a long time ago.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"The Rent is Too Damn High"

When one attends a debate, you expect a back and forth of the issues with a few attacks thrown in, but in New York State, you get a farce. And that's what happened with the New York State Gubernatorial Debate. I was going to ignore this, but in the end, I couldn't resist!

The race is coming down to the wire and everyone thinks of Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino as the two most prominent candidates, but here, they let EVERYONE on stage, from Client #9's, aka Eliot Spitzer's madam, to Charles Barron. In the end, it was Jimmy McMillan, aka "Papa Smurf" from "The Rent is 2 Damn High" Party, unfortunately, had the spotlight.

This format was horrible (whoever thought this format up needs to be banned from politics) and did not give the voters a fair opportunity to hear the candidates' positions, as well as for them to clear up any discrepancies. Yet, it gave me a good laugh, as with this campaign, a laugh is needed, considering it is one the Democrats will likely win in November.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Thought He Was Supposed to Smart

Chris Coons and Christine O'Donnell debated today, again, and Chris Coons was exposed in lacking in knowledge of the Constitution, not knowing the five freedoms in the 1st Amendment.

To cover that up, he hid behind the moderator, and in assistance, the media pretended it didn't happen by not reporting on it and instead, is now attacking Christine O'Donnell, claiming that she doesn't know what is in the first amendment, yet she had it right, as shown by Rush today.

In this campaign, the media is trying to write the same old story that "Conservatives are stupid" and "liberals are geniuses." Their plotline isn't playing out because Christine O'Donnell is taking her opponent on and forcing him to seek cover. Chris Coons and his allies are scared and they're looking for anything with which to hit her and make sure she doesn't win! I don't know if they'll be able to stop the will of the voters.

Supressing the Vote in 2010 and 2012?

Let's see, so far, they've tried to disenfranchise military votes in Illinois and New York , they've said voters are scared and stupid and they've made countless after countless after countless personal attacks on their challenger opponents. Those on the left have tried and failed.

Today, they hit a new low as two significant articles appeared. First was an article in the Wall Street Journal that hinted at Republicans looking to "compromise to get legislation done" after the election. Second, an article on Politico discussed "establishment" Republicans' disdain for the TEA Party candidates and supporters." These two articles dominated the airwaves during Rush Limbaugh's broadcast today, even forcing California Representative Darrell Issa (future Chairman of the Oversight Committee) to call in to clarify his quote of compromise, attempting to ameliorate the fears of Rush, voters and TEA Party supporters.

Two things come to my mind. The first being the publishing of these articles as a media setup to take the air out of TEA Party supporters, Conservatives and Republicans two weeks leading up to the election to soften their losses. With the air taken out of their sails, these supporters will stay home. I honestly do not believe the TEA Party supporters will be deterred from getting to the polls. Rush Limbaugh heavily focused on the second today, being that the Republican Party doesn't get it and compromise would be dumb and dangerous.

The American people are paying attention and tuned in like never before, therefore they will be watching their representatives' every move in Congress after this election. These folks, especially the TEA Party folks, have three major objectives: cut the size and scope of government, cut taxes and repeal/replace ObamaCare. Rush is right when he told Issa that voters are not interested in process, they want Obama stopped; the same thing the Democrats do when they are in power. If Republicans do not get those objectives, the Republican Party will take a heavy hit, be it the loss of their Conservative wing to a new party, which may put Obama in power for another four years and primary challenges to the "Mike Castles" of the Republican Party. Watching the candidates supported by the TEA Party, I do not think they will cave. They can make sure of it by how they choose their leadership. In the Senate, they should vote Jim DeMint for Majority Leader and in the House may need to look at voting for Mike Pence for Speaker.

Republicans must stay the course. This election is just the battle, but there is a bigger war that will begin in earnest on January 1, 2011: the war to fight the attraction of Washington, the war to save our capitalistic economic system, allow American exceptionalism to continue and stand behind principles. The late Julius Mastro, my 1st academic advisor at Drew, always used to tell me to never back down from a fight when your principles are there to prop you up! Our newcomers to Washington, as well as other Republicans would be wise to do this as the voters they represent will be satisfied and continue to send them back to Washington. By standing behind principles, whether in politics or life, you always win! Let's hope the Republicans get the message and with the TEA Party watching, as well as the fact that these are unique, never before seen political times, I think they will!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update from New Jersey's 12th

When I was switching through the channels this morning, a negative add by Rush Holt done against Scott Sipprelle aired. This ad is conspicuously absent from YouTube, as well as Rush Holt's website, and after watching it, I know's untrue! It was a 30 second ad with the ominous voiceover talking about Scott Sipprelle's position on green jobs and global warming. After the voiceover asked the question, a grainy video of Scott appeared where he said "I Don't Know and I Don't Care," then in closing, asking some snarky rhetorical question asking voters if they want their Congressman to care. The ad tried to portray Scott as mean and apathetic.

Knowing Scott and knowing that's not his personality, I researched this further to find that video, as I suspected his words were taken out of context. And was I right! Scott gave this speech (I recommend you don't watch the video and instead listen to it, as the author of the video decided to insert his own nasty text commentary) to the Americans for Prosperity 2010 Candidates Forum and was asked the question, "What are your thoughts on global warming and 'Cap and Trade' laws?" Scott gave an answer where he basically said they are detrimental to job creation, which is the number one priority on which Congress must work. The "I don't know and I don't care" came in reference to global warming, as he was hitting home the point that 'Cap and Trade' laws will continue act as the Federal Government getting in the way of the private sector's creation of jobs.

This ad was a total cheap shot and I equate it with Alan Grayson's ad where he took the words his opponent, Daniel Webster, fully out of context, chopping them up to make him somebody he's not.

Seeing this ad gave me further incentive to watch, in person, Scott Sipprelle's and Rush Holt's debate; the 2nd in District 12. Moderated by NJ 101.5's Eric Scott, this debate was quite the spectacle and I was thrilled I had the chance to go.

Scott Sipprelle did fantastic job in articulating his positions. While Rush Holt and Democrats think his finance and business background is a detriment to his potential public service, I think it's further incentive to vote for Scott. In a time of economic strife, Scott has the knowledge, thanks to his profession, on how to create jobs and grow the economy; something the Democrat leadership doesn't seem to know how to do. I was also pleased to see him not take Holt's false accusations laying down, standing up for himself, defending himself and making full mention of inconsistencies in Holt's statements. Surprisingly, Holt took ownership of his votes for healthcare and the stimulus, a bill which he claimed, after being pressed by Eric Scott, "thousands" of jobs. This was not the only time Eric Scott asked Holt for a follow-up (he did with both candidates at times), but there were many times where those present saw Holt obfuscate, step on words and act like an entitled Congressman. Holt continues to accuse Scott of aligning himself with the same people on Wall Street who destroyed the economy, yet he goes to them to fundraise.

It is my hope that moments from this debate go viral and I will do my part by posting Scott Sipprelle's opening statement:

I will look for the rest of the debate to be on YouTube and I suggest watching it. It gives a very telling look at what kind of Congressman Rush Holt has been and why the 12th District should elect Scott Sipprelle as their new Congressman.

She Drives Them Crazy!

Lately, the Fine Young Cannibals song from the 1980s comes to mind when I think of Democrat reaction to Christine O'Donnell. And even though it's Sunday, they're at it again.

Every one's favorite liberal, Maureen Dowd, threw her fellow females under the bus today in her column, referring to them as "Mean Girls," attempting to discount their impact on this election cycle by comparing them to the Tina Fey written flick. And of course, she can't help herself in mentioning O'Donnell, referring to her as "sweet wanna-be Christine." If you ask me, her outrage is a bit of a double standard, as we'd never see her speak of Nancy, Hillary, Barbara or Diane in this fashion and she'd be on the firing lines attacking if anyone did. It was nice to see that former Bush Press Secretary, Dana Perino called Dowd out on her hypocrisy.

Next comes Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain. On today's This Week, she tells Christiane Amanpour that Christine O'Donnell is a "nutjob." This young lady needs to learn two things. First, she should be grateful to Conservatives because one specific Conservative named Sarah Palin helped her father, and saved him from going down in history as being the next Walter Mondale or Barry Goldwater in terms of voter plurality by which they lose. And Sarah Palin came to the rescue again in 2010 by endorsing her father in his primary battle, leading him to defeating JD Hayworth. Second, Meghan McCain comments on her generation, claiming to "speak for young people." For someone who graduated from Columbia, and is supposedly intelligent, she's missing a few important tidbits of information:

(a) many of her 18-25 contemporaries (maybe not the ones she knows) got screwed over after voting Obama in that his policies are causing high levels of unemployment, and among that 18-25 set, this is the highest youth unemployment rate we've seen in years.
(b) social issues that she claims her generation cares about are moot if we are not safe (national security) or economically viable.
(c) as a Gen-Y, she should well realize the impact of September 11th that I have discussed in depth and should welcome someone that is near age in her who is willing to step up, serve the public and act as a leader. We will be looking for those people in years to come and as a fellow Gen-Xer of Christine O'Donnell, I'm glad to see her step up.

I don't see Meghan McCain as a serious person (I see her as marketing her image to sell her book), but unfortunately, many do and don't understand she is castigating Christine O'Donnell to benefit herself.

Let's face it...with Christine O'Donnell's campaign and attention she received, the Democrats are running scared. She strongly performed in her debate, is not backing down from Democrat attacks in the same fashion that Sarah Palin did not shy away, has doubled Coons in fundraising and cut his lead in half. Furthermore, both Obama and Biden came to Delaware on Friday to campaign for Coons. If Delaware were as in the bag as those on the left claim, the President and Vice President would not have made the trip, especially together, as it's their first joint appearance in the cycle. There is nervousness abound in the Democrat Party over the prospect of "Senator Christine O'Donnell." Their inability to understand her popularity and truly "get it" proves the Democrats (and some Republicans) to be grossly out of touch with the voters.

Christine O'Donnell will have another debate this week and I will look forward to seeing it. With two weeks to go, this election is far from over and despite what the polls say, this will, as I said before, go down to the wire!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Energy in the 6th Like Never Before

If one takes a look at the map of the 6th Congressional District of New Jersey, one will see it is gerrymandered "to the extreme" in order to make sure the incumbent continues to win. For as long as I could remember, Frank Pallone has been the Congressman and is facing the biggest challenge of his political career to date in the candidacy of Highlands Mayor and former Monmouth County Freeholder, Anna Little.

Her rise was unlikely and unexpected, defeating heavily favored and financed Diane Gooch in the Republican Primary by 83 votes, who was endorsed by the area pols. Many, including myself, predicted Diane would win and would be able to stay in the fight against Pallone's $4.3 million war chest (she had already begun to take the bark off Pallone with some early ads). Since winning the primary, Anna Little has been heavily campaigning across the 6th District, has the strong backing of the TEA Party and the full support of the area politicians and power brokers. She has a very strong ground game, enthusiastic supporters and supporters who dominate the web and social networks in her favor. Anna Little also articulates well-thought and clear reasons why voters of the 6th should send her to Washington. Two weeks before the election, it is amazing to see the road she has traveled, how she grew as a candidate, and supporters hope to carry her over the finish line on Novebmer 2nd.

Late this afternoon, I attended her rally in the northern portion of the 6th, which was also attended by Governor Chris Christie, Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, as well as local Republican candidates. Here is excerpt I recorded of Christie's speech:

I arrived 20 minutes early and ended up having to park 3 blocks away! By the time the rally emptied out, area streets had to be closed! At this rally, Anna Little had TEA Party supporters there, former Gooch supporters, area political leaders, as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. The audience in that fully packed hall was 100% united behind Anna Little's candidacy.

For the first time in a long time, I believe that Frank Pallone is vulnerable. He was a sponsor of the Health Care Bill, his voting record is clearly aligned with that of Nancy Pelosi and I almost get the feeling he "assumes" he will be re-elected. His arrogance has become apparent and open over the years, whether denying Inauguration tickets (in 2001 and 2005) to Republicans in his district or ignoring his constituents. What I find even more telling and ominous in the next two weeks is his use of a similar strategy that Diane Gooch used. Diane did not engage Anna Little, did not attack her and ads she did talked about her background, her plan and Frank Pallone. Frank Pallone has also not engaged her, has not even mentioned her and has not really even campaigned until a couple of weeks ago. It looks as if he has not put a dent into his $4.3 million, considering that I believe Pallone will challenge Chris Christie in 2013 if re-elected. He is now seen around the district and tonight, the two candidates finally debate.

This is another race that is much closer than polled and will also go down to the wire. In the end, this race is one of the three in New Jersey that have the chance of the Republican challenger winning, reddening this once deep blue state.

Kristi Noem is Turning Heads

Last week when 3rd quarter campaign fundraising figures were released, big news came out of South Dakota. Republican challenger, Kristi Noem, running against Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin, has raised over $1 million, in a district that has some of the least expensive television markets in the US, which means that cash could go far! This is also the 3rd quarter amount raised of any Congressional candidate.

Studying and watching Kristi Noem, I am very impressed. Her life story is quite compelling, returning home after the unfortunate death of her father, to run the family's ranch. While still running the ranch, she has experience in politics as a South Dakota State Representative and holds many conservative positions. She stands up well against her "Conservative Democrat" (kind of an oxymoron if you ask me) opponent in Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin. Maybe in thinking of recent history in South Dakota, but also because Kristi Noem is an articulate candidate who is running a strong campaign and producing direct, yet humorous political ads, Democrats are running scared and are trying to use her driving record to destroy her. That is a stretch (considering many in New Jersey ignored Jim McGreevey's driving record when he ran for governor) and South Dakota voters will not be interested in tickets, but instead will be interested on who can properly reform healthcare, advocate for smaller government, cut taxes and protect the nation.

I like Kristi Noem's chances and think she will be good leader and representative for South Dakota's "At-Large" Congressional District, while gaining a lot of positive attention from those in the media and Republican Party.

Big Ben's Back

Big Sunday in the NFL coming up! Giants fans who subscribe to Cablevision will likely not be able to view their team's likely thumping of the Detroit Lions due to Fox's dispute with Cablevision. About 6 driving hours west of New York/North Jersey in Pittsburgh, Ben Roethlisberger returns to the starting lineup after a suspension (later reduced to 4 weeks) due to a violation of the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

"Big Ben" will be closely watched not only in this week, but for the remainder of the season, as well as continually throughout his career, because of the ways he negatively put himself straight in the public eye. He may have won two Super Bowls, but his behavior has been reckless in past years between the motorcycle crash and the two sexual assault cases. Fox Analyst and former Steelers Quarterback, Terry Bradshaw has been heavily critical of Roethlisberger's behavior and had some harsh words for him, if he were the Rooneys. I fully agree with "Mr. Immaculate Reception!" Roethlisberger's behavior has been deplorable and as a quarterback, he is the leader of the offense, not only in position, but in emotion. If his linemen, backs and receivers do not believe in him, the team will have problems. Furthermore, a quarterback is the unofficial leader of the team in many fans' eyes. It is an honorable position to have, coveted by many and he is throwing it all away with his reckless behavior. By throwing caution to the wind and having a devil may care attitude is a horrible example to set for the children who may follow him and aspire to Roethlisberger's athleticism and skill. Bradshaw is aware of this honor and responsibility, and is fiercely loyal to the Rooney's, therefore, he sees it as a necessity to mentor Roethlisberger. Sadly, as Bradshaw says, Ben does not see it this way.

To be honest, I am surprised Roethlisberger is still around, knowing the Steelers' history of dealing with malcontents...just look to Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes as Exhibit A! In sports, I am a firm believer in the theory of "If you have a cancer, cut it out," just as the Giants did with Plaxico Burress. (Note how Lawrence Taylor was conspicuously absent from the "Ring of Honor" ceremony. I speculate his absence is not an accident.)

The decision to keep Ben Roethlisberger was done in the interest of the almighty buck, not in the interest of promoting positive leadership, and, truthfully, didn't put much faith into Rooney's Super Bowl winning coach, Mike Tomlin, who led the team to a 3-1 "Ben-less" record. It remains to be seen how Roethlisberger will play after his return or whether or not he'll be able to stay out of trouble. I wish the best for all involved, hope Roethlisberger can clean up his life, but I don't think Rooney and the Steelers will be as forgiving if he cannot.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lady in Red

Last night in Las Vegas, Republican Challenger, Sharron Angle, who is heavily supported by the TEA Party, debated Nevada Senator and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in their only debate of the campaign season. Watching it, I was quite taken aback at how the majority leader seemed ill-prepared, lost and defeated in his performance. Yes, I understand that he needs a jolt of caffeine or a dosage of Prozac to liven up his speech patterns, but his imperfections seemed magnified. Angle, on many occasions, displayed the stark differences between what she plans on doing as Nevada Senator versus what Harry Reid has done during his "leadership." Furthermore, she did not back down, called him out a few times, whether getting rich off the taxpayers (and when you examine Reid's history, this is a valid claim) or reminding voters Reid said the War is Lost in reference to Iraq.

It looks as if this race will go down to the wire, but with the sad state of the Nevada economy and Harry Reid's inability to use his leadership clout to address those issues, her debate performance, reception she has been receiving from constituents and even many in the press, as well as the news that she has $14 million on hand, I believe Sharron Angle will defeat Harry Reid in November.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baroness!!!

May have missed it by almost 15 minutes, but on October 13, 2010, Margaret Thatcher celebrates her 85th Birthday! "The 'Right' Solutions" wishes her a Happy Birthday and wants to take a moment to reflect upon her contributions to Great Britain and the world, as they truly were Right Solutions!

A few months ago, I analyzed one of my favorite books: John O'Sullivan's The President, The Pope and The Prime Minister: Three Who Changed the World. Margaret Thatcher is prominently featured, as is her role in bringing about the end of the Cold War.

Thatcher came to power in 1979 in Great Britain, at a time when Keynesian economics were killing Great Britain, suffocating strikes were further shutting down the economy and the Soviet Union was challenging Western Europe's influence on the continent and in the world. During her time as Prime Minister, even after an assassination attempt by the IRA, Thatcher never backed down, while also using Reagan's strategy of optimism and humor in a time of strife. She is noted for bringing about reforms that allowed Britain to have an economic resurgence, as well as leading Britain's military resurgence in showing the firepower of the Royal Army, while bringing about national pride. Most noteworthy, she will be remembered for her disdain of Soviet Union and socialism, as she so eloquently stated in a memorable session of the Prime Minister's Questions.

Thatcher allied with Reagan as the West shifted away from detente into exposing the Soviet Union for what it was, an evil empire, and bringing about its peaceful defeat, one Gorbachev came to power; a man that Thatcher told Reagan, "We can do business with."

I will always remember the "Iron Lady" as one of of the great leaders and Prime Ministers who saved the United Kingdom and returned her to greatness. In 2010 in the United States, many up and coming female politicians from Sarah Palin to Kristi Noem to Christine O'Donnell to Carly Fiorina should (and do) look to her as a role model. May Margaret Thatcher have many more Happy Birthdays with us!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Connecticut: Jobs and Character

In Connecticut, Republican Candidate, Linda McMahon, has been in the news frequently these past two weeks. She is currently in a close race (closer than the polls suggest) against Democrat Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Her campaign had a really good couple of weeks!

First, in a debate McMahon stymied her opponent on how to create a job:

She exposed Blumenthal as a career politician who has no knowledge of how the private sector works. Sadly, this is common in Washington and it is primarily the reason why we are seeing the rise of the "Citizen Politician" throughout the country. Americans feel these folks who may not have the political experience can apply their leadership skills honed in their business successes and experiences to government to help this country get out of the economic and employment crisis in which it currently finds itself.

McMahon has also continued on Bluementhal's character issues, specifically his lies about his Vietnam Service. She now gives the veterans their say:

This ad is just as devastating as the first and it turns out the race is tightening. McMahon must stay on message and because this race is in Connecticut, I believe it will go down to the wire. Definitely one to watch!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Keep an Eye on Delaware

Democrats and those on the left think it's fait accompli that Chris Coons will be Delaware's next Senator. I've had debates about this with friends on the left, as well as friends on the right and I tell them not to be too sure. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee has waved the white flag in the NH-1 Race and are reassigning their previous commitment to Carol Shea-Porter's race to shore up Chris Coons's campaign. Furthermore, Obama is coming to Delaware to campaign for Coons. (This is a good sign as we remember how this helped Coakley, Corzine and Deeds.) Hopefully Christine O'Donnell answers by bringing in Sarah Palin very soon.

Today, Christine O'Donnell is endorsing a new ad about her opponent.

In my humble opinion, this is the best ad of the campaign season! It's very effective, hits home and directly addresses her opponent's record as County Executive in New Castle County, Delaware. Even though she is constantly attacked by those on the left, Christine O'Donnell is weathering those scurrilous attacks and gaining respect among the voters. She comes off as articulate in her recent interview with Greta while also proposing new legislation. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's debate.

Heed my word, friends, this campaign is far from over!

UPDATE 10/13: Tonight, Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons held their debate. Many on the left (and some on the "right") were waiting with baited breath to see her fall flat on her face. I thought she came off as a capable debater, knows the issues and successfully countered Chris Coons on the issues, as well as the feisty moderators who seemed to try to get O'Donnell off her game by stopping her response and "moving on in the interest of time." Sadly, this debate seemed like 3 on 1 most of the time. Coons, at times, came off as snarky and tried to show the viewers he perceived himself to be the more intelligent candidate. Also, Coons did not like being put under the microscope when challenged by O'Donnell and shot many a dirty look her way that the camera picked up in split-screen format. (I was waiting for him to do an Al Gore sigh.)

She will be criticized by the MSM for not naming a Supreme Court case where she disagreed when asked, but truth is that question was a setup, as it would have given Coons the chance to attack her for her Conservative viewpoints...maybe she didn't know, maybe she didn't want to take the bait, only she knows. If it were me, I would have cited New London v. Kelo or Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, to continue with the themes of her campaign, but in the end, I don't believe this alone is going to determine her effectiveness in the debate.

Now that the debate is out of the way, Christine O'Donnell needs to hit home on Coons's misstatements in the debate and stay on the offensive. It is refreshing to see her campaign has a fact-check blog up already and have been Facebooking and Tweeting during the debate. Remember, in secret, the Democrats are scared out of their minds about this debate. Their world will be shaken even harder than it was last January when Scott Brown won if she comes out on top in November!

UPDATE, 10/15: It came out today that Christine O'Donnell has raised nearly $4 million in the 3rd quarter. Furthermore, a Rasmussen poll came out today that cut Coons's lead in half. The left will deny it, but many were pleased by her debate performance, hence the closer numbers. I believe this race is much closer and is not a done deal! Another one that will go down to the wire.

Moral of the Story: Think before you post

Going to draw a little connection here, between what I posted the other day about Facebook use between teachers and students, and a story I heard today on the tail end of Rush. (Thank goodness for the Dittocam and iheartradio!)

Rush Limbaugh began talking about a little known candidate named Krystal Ball (Yes, really, that's her name!) who is a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia's 1st District, which contains the eastern portion of the mainland from the southern DC Metro Area (around Quantico) south to Williamsburg and parts of Newport News. This is a strong Republican District which means she will lose, especially in this election.

To sum it up, six years ago, she was at a costume party and pics of her participating in questionable behavior have appeared. (Here is the link...WARNING: these pics contain adult content!!!) As a result of these pics, she is playing the role of the victim, claiming this attack is sexist.

I have a note to you, Krystal, take it from one Gen-Xer to another (even though you're a Democrat). You're coming off as whiny and thin-skinned in your refusal to take full responsibility for your actions and are on the verge of losing by an even larger plurality than was originally the likelihood. Your voters may not respect you because of your questionable judgement, but I think it's worse you're not fully owning up (you give a "yeah, but..." explanation) to your behavior and hiding behind feminism/sexism. (And we all know that it's only sexism if a liberal/Democrat woman says so, as evidenced by Meg Whitman being called a "whore" and Sarah Palin's jogger-gate.) Voters would be more understanding if you said something like,
"This was a mistake of mine that I regret, I am shamed as a result of it and I want to give young people advice to think before you post anything on Facebook and control your own behavior because you never know who may be watching, taping or photographing."
But no, you decided to take the weak position and blame somebody else for your transgression. That's why you're going to go down in defeat.

As I earlier stated, THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!! You never know what may be found years later when/if you're in the public eye. Krystal Ball didn't look into her crystal ball and is learning the hard way.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dino-views, Dino-politicians, Dino-organizations

Late last week, I posted on Jerry Brown, or someone in Jerry Brown's campaign, calling Meg Whitman a "whore." Despite that nasty attack, the National Organization for Women (NOW), endorsed Brown.

Here's another snipit of video I recently found that speaks volumes about Jerry Brown:

Wow! To make that statement, have it come out during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in light of research that mammograms do save lives, is pretty off base. I hope women in California take notice. It is disgraceful how this organization (NOW) is so irrelevant that it will toss aside its support of a female candidate who did not need a man to be successful, and instead, support her male opponent just because he supports abortion, despite the fact he is on record making misogynistic, anti-women statements. Furthermore, I hope California voters, both men and women, realize that Jerry Brown's beliefs on mammograms align with those of Obama, as stated by HHS in the push for ObamaCare.

As the title of this post states, these caveman views by Brown, Brown's political career and the above organization that supports him are as old as the dinosaurs and surprisingly, unlike the dinosaurs, aren't extinct.

Is That the Best You Can Do?

After yesterday's Sunday shows and a recent ad, it looks like Democrats are going with the narrative that Republicans and groups allied with them are accepting illegal/foreign campaign donations. Bob Scheiffer on CBS's Face the Nation, seeing the sketchiness of this, even went so far as to ask, "Is that the best you can do?" Since these accusations, which have turned out to be unsubstantiated and are lacking in reliable sources, Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie have fired back.

While good to see them defending themselves, I think they, along with others in the Republican Party, need to remind Americans about past practices of Obama and the Democrats. Very little coverage has been done on the untraceable pre-paid credit card donations given to the 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign. Furthermore, Al Gore was famous (or infamous) for his questionable behavior in soliciting campaign funds during 1990s, whether meeting in Buddhist temples and claiming there is "No controlling legal authority" to soliciting campaign funds in Federal Government Offices.

So if Democrats want to go down this path, I welcome it and think Republicans need to examine them, as Republicans have more on Democrat past discretions, than do the Democrats to back up these accusations.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Look at New Jersey's 12th Congressional District

During the Summer of 2009, we saw coverage of Town Hall meeting across the United States and Americans who normally aren't overtly involved in the political process step up and and speak up. This rather ugly scene occurred in New Jersey's 12th Congressional District when Ms. Rhoda Chodosh, well-known in local Republican circles and passionately supportive of the many Republican organizations around Monmouth County, had the microphone ripped out of her hand by Congressman Rush Holt.

This was a rather ugly scene and a disgusting way to treat a woman who has a strongly positive reputation across her community. Having chatted with Ms. Chodosh at various events, I can attest to her good name and reputation.

After looking at this event, we can widen are lens and look at the bigger picture if Rush Holt represents voters of the 12th District. I resoundingly say NO! The vote for ObamaCare, combined with being the most liberal member of Congress and the incident above, show that he is out of touch with his constituents in a district where Chris Christie won 4 out of its 5 counties in the gubernatorial election last year. Republicans have run effective candidates over the years from Bill Spadea to the Rev. DeForest "Buster" Soaries, however, this district was heavily gerrymandered to protect Holt from future challengers, which makes outside observers declare a Republican winning in the 12th a "tall order."

In this Election year, we have Scott Sipprelle running to defeat Holt. Having met Scott, his wife and his family, while closely following his campaign, I am very confident of his potential to contribute to an economic rebound, his endorsement of Common Sense Conservatism and his potential to win. His campaign is making its way across the 12th District and his ads are effective and frequently seen. This would be Scott's first foray into elected office as he comes from a business background, where he is the founder of two investment firms, Westland Ventures and Copper Arch Capital. Prior to the founding of these firms, he held a prominent position with Morgan Stanley. He is also the author of the novel The Golden Dog, which is on my "to read" list. With his background in business, Scott Sipprelle can apply his knowledge and experience to contributing to fixing this economic situation in which we find ourselves thanks to Congressmen like Rush Holt.

As I stated, it's a tough fight, but of New Jersey's 13 Districts, I believe the 12th District is one of the three that have the greatest chance of electing a new Congressional Representative and I believe that Scott Sipprelle will represent the 12th with honor and an keep open door to his constituents, while applying his professional background to drafting solutions to fix our economy broken by six years of Democrat "leadership" in Congress and two years of Democrat "leadership" in the White House!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Christine O'Donnell Interviewed on Greta

On Friday evening, Christine O'Donnell, the Republican running for the Senate in Delaware, appeared on Greta Van Susteren's show On the Record. Van Susteren traveled to Wilmington to do the interview and here is part 1. I'll post the future parts in updates:

She was quite poised in this interview, spoke knowledgeably and I really like her Veterans Vouchers proposal! One slight correction, and I understand why she didn't say it, is that it's not women in general with whom the media is more aggressive, it's Conservative women.

Christine O'Donnell has a long way to go, but I'm hoping for more ads about her policies and will be watching her debate with Chris Coons on the 12th. I do not believe the poll due to the fact that the Democrats are spending millions to counter and attack Christine O'Donnell. If those numbers were valid, they would be spending money elsewhere and not be worried about Christine O'Donnell's candidacy. Count nothing out in this election cycle!

UPDATE 10/12: Here is Part II of Greta's interview with Christine O'Donnell

The Journey, Part VIII: Making the Sausage

Being involved with politics since my time as a student at Drew University, whether in classes or as College Republicans President, I have been fortunate to have an up close and personal view of politics. Some years have been closer, some have been more on the edge of the loop, but I've always kept my head in it in some way or another.

To this day, in information I read, stories I hear from friends (and sources for The Calling to Lead), I am astonished by what goes on in both Trenton and Washington. (If constituents knew the truth, they'd be shocked...and maybe a little sickened!) While being astonished, I am also highly intrigued and it is this political drama that has made it into the storyline of The Calling to Lead. Not going to give too much away of it, but we'll see some "Inside Baseball" in both the political and campaign processes. I also need to profusely thank my sources as you folks helped fill in the blanks during those times I have been on the outer edge of the loop and were key in helping me to finish writing The Calling to Lead.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Will She or Won't She???

With her recent meeting with National Conservative Leaders, speculation is rising that Sarah Palin may be running for President in 2012.

In July, I gave a brief analysis of Sarah Palin and came to the determination that I am "undecided" about the prospect of her running in 2012. Today, I'm still undecided, but I am starting to lean YES. She has wisely stayed in the public eye and utilized Social Media like Twitter and Facebook so effectively that it is used to release her positions on the issues of the day. Furthermore, her frequent appearances on Fox News keep her in the game, engrossed in the issues and allow her an additional forum to articulate her positions and experiences.

In this Midterm Election Cycle, Sarah Palin has been very visible in the endorsement of candidates across the country that has assisted them in winning their respective primaries, in many cases, against the "establishment" candidate (Alaska and Delaware are the most prominent examples coming to mind). Now that the general is here, she is going all out in getting these "Common Sense Conservatives" elected to their respective offices. If these candidates win, fact is they owe her. And it's that loyalty which will allow her to have these allies in Washington or in the state capitals who will be very helpful to her in the primary process in getting the vote out. (In the early states, Palin has endorsed the following candidates for Senator: Kelly Ayotte (NH), Marco Rubio (FL), Jim DeMint (SC); and for Governor: Rick Scott (FL), Nikki Haley (SC))

If these candidates win and if it's much of the same from the President in 2011, I may be leaning further into the YES Column on whether Sarah Palin will seek the 2012 nomination. Let us not forget that she has very strong TEA Party backing and that will continue in its consistency. I believe her to be a strong, articulate and consistent Common Sense Conservative who has an optimistic message of how to lead the United States and has a very good shot of winning in 2012's general.

Trying to Reach the Bottom of the Barrel

Oh boy! It's getting nasty out there.

Let's first go to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who Sean Hannity has referred to as the 2nd most hated Conservative woman, (Make that the 3rd, now that Christine O'Donnell is running in Delaware) was recently attacked by her opponent, Tarryl Clark as "Not doing S*** (for her district). Here's the ad:

We move across the country to California. It came out today that Jerry Brown approved of a strategy to articulate that Meg Whitman is a "whore" as a result of their perception on how she is attempting to earn endorsements. The use of that word is detestable and misogynistic! I'm waiting for Gloria Allred to have a press conference excoriating Brown or NOW to issue a press release on their displeasure for unfairly attacking a woman.

Back east in Prince Georges County, Maryland, where House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is running against newcomer Charles Lollar (who had an excellent interview on Hannity's radio show yesterday), an individual who heckled Obama at a rally was assaulted by Obama supporters. Video below (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

And in New Jersey, we had two significant stories coming out of 2 of our competitive three House races. In District 3, which has made the blog in the past as a result of questionable tactics by Adler and the Democrats, more has come out this week. Now, it turns out the Democrats out up a fake Tea Party candidate to spoil the election. A little up the coast in the 6th Congressional District, a physical altercation took place where a supporter of Frank Pallone slapped the 68 year old female treasurer of Anna Little's campaign. Video below (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

We see a pattern in these 11th hour incidences. Democrat supporters and candidates will stop at nothing to make sure their guy (or gal) pulls off the victory in November. Keep an eye out for this, my fellow voters, and remember this on November 2nd!

UPDATE 10/9: Gloria Allred has chimed in and NOW has endorsed Brown after the "whore" comment. So much for NOW being a group that supports Women's Rights.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday, FNC!

On this day 14 years ago, Fox News began its broadcast as a fledgling news network that had a vision unseen in broadcast news. It began providing a more balanced coverage of the world's events through hard news coverage and gave more conservative news analysts a voice that they would not have received with the Big 3 and CNN. Fourteen years later, Fox News holds the highest cable news ratings and has some of the most successful news analysts of all time in Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. In the past, I have analyzed the broadcast style of Fox News and the benefits of watching the network, as well as how they impacted the political happenings and the way other networks broadcast the news.

Below are a couple of retro Fox News clips of O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes: